image of lophophora


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SEM photographs


SEM photographs confirm habitat-based differences!

 These photos aim to facilitate a direct visual comparison.

  REM-pollen comparision
  REM-seeds per species
  REM-pollen of each species
  REM-seeds comparision

I have previously provided sufficient evidence of the great variability of the lophophora genus both within a single species and at a single location by means of my habitat and culture photographs.
(Coloring of epidermis, growth forms and characteristics, rib structure, size and coloring of flowers etc.)

In the search for further differentiating characteristics or similarities, you can now find on this page SEM photographs of lophophora seeds and pollen as well as comparisons of lophophora seeds of many different species and from various habitats.

Assuming that the seeds and pollen of a single plant genus are authentic (similar to a genetic fingerprint), this also confirms the enormous variability within this fascinating genus.

The photographs taken using a scanning electron microscope were based on different seeds and pollen taken from specific habitats.


Possibilities for comparing differences and variability:

  • Differences in the size of the seeds
  • Differences in the structures of the seed shell 
  • Differences in the shape and structure of the hilum
    (The small stalk attaching an ovule to the ovary wall is known as the funiculus. It breaks off upon the seeds reaching maturity. The point where it breaks leaving a scar is called the hilum)
  •  Differences in the shape and structure of the pollen